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My Services

I help clients answer their toughest operational questions, such as...


  • How sound are the target company’s operations fundamentals?

  • How do the target’s capacity and capabilities align with its growth plans?

  • What is the target’s upside operations potential and target’s synergy opportunities with my other businesses and how can I capture that upside and those synergies?

Performance Improvement

  • What do I need to change to be able to design and launch products on time?

  • How do I need to adjust my manufacturing to be able to deliver quality products on time and at the target cost?

  • How should I adjust my operations to scale up to meet my customers’ growth requirements while maintaining my own profitability and minimizing my inventory and CAPEX?

Business Transformation

  • How do I align my business operating system, production capability, safety program, quality management program, product development process, and program launch capabilities with my strategic vision and customer needs?

  • How do I implement Lean principles and metrics, standard business cadences, visual factory, standard work instructions, and continuous improvement across my organization?

  • How do I develop and deploy strategic initiatives such as Hoshin Kanri and SIOP to align and coordinate sales, engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing functions?

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